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T'ien Shan P'ai Grandmasters Reunion in Taiwan

In December of 2005, nineteen Grandmasters of T’ien Shan P’ai, all of whom were taught by Wang, Jyue Jen between the1950s through the 1980s got together in Taichung, Taiwan. The occasion was the wedding reception of Grandmaster Willy Lin’s two sons, David and Dzuka, both of whom had recently married in the United States.

In order of seniority:

Luo, Fu Shing 羅 褔 星 (James Lo).

Luo, Fu Shing, along with his brother, Luo, Dzu Long, were Wang Jyue Jen’s first students in Taiwan. Coming from a family of martial artists, Luo’s father heard of Wang, and hired him to teach his sons privately, in Luo’s home. Luo, Fu Shing is presently an executive with Taiwan Nakajima, Co. Ltd.

Luo, Dzu Long. 羅 子 龍

Luo, Dzu Long is the younger brother of Luo, Fu Shsing. He had his own martial arts school, and was also a national team coach and Board Member of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Kuoshu Federation. Luo, Dzu Long is presently retired.

Guo, Yi Ming. 郭 義 明

Guo, Yi-Ming was the third student to ever study with Wang Jyue Jen. Introduced by a friend of Luo, Dzu Long’s father, Wang traveled to the Guo family home to teach Guo, Yi Ming, privately. For many years, Guo, Yi Ming was involved in his family’s financing business. Presently he is retired.

Wu, Ming Jer. 吳 明 哲

Wu, Ming Jer was part of a group of young men trained by Wang at the Guo family home. In 1957, Wu, Ming Jer became the full contact fighting champion at the International Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Full Contact Tournament, held in Taipei. Wu had his own school and taught for many years. He has been associated with the Republic of China (Taiwan) Kuoshu National Team… first as a member of that team, and in recent decades, as a coach. Presently he is Vice-Chairman of the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation, and a Board Member of the Kuoshu Federation of the Republic of China.

Lin, Wen Bao.

Lin, Wen Bao was another member of this group that trained at Guo’s home. He ran his own martial arts school, and later, had a long career in civil service. For many years, he was the elected Chief Executive for Wu-Fung County in Taiwan. Lin, Wen Bau is presently retired.

Luo, Jen Chau

By the mid-1950s, Wang Jyue Jen had opened his “Thunder Mountain School” in the backyard of his own home. Luo was one of the first students to train at this new location. Luo had a career as a Manager with the World Chinese Bank in Taichung. Presently he is retired.

Liu, Chun Lang.

Liu also began his training in the mid-1950s. He excelled in fighting techniques. He also was proficient in the Chinese healing arts. For years he was a successful businessman and a builder. Presently, he is retired.

Lin, Shih Kuang (Willy Lin)

Grandmaster Willy Lin, or Lin, Shih Kuang (as he was known when he lived in Taiwan) began studying with Wang’s in 1957. He was Wang’s Assistant and Head Instructor from 1960-68. As far as Lin knows, he is the one who brought his teacher’s system to both Brazil, in 1968, and to the United States, in 1970.

Chen, Chorng Chung

Chen, Chorng Chung was Willy Lin’s “training partner” when the two young men were selected for “special training” by Wang Jyue Jen. Over the years, Chen has been very successful. He has owned a movie theater, as well as a company, which manufactures cigarette lighters, for export.

Huang, Tien Fu

Huang, Tien Fu was a star volleyball player before he began to study with Wang, Jyue Jen. He developed a plastic bag/container manufacturing business which became highly successful. Presently Huang is retired.

Lin, Jer Er

Lin, Jer Er owns a printing business in Taichung.

Tsai, Chi Long.

Tsai, Chi Long began to study in the 1960s. He is presently the Chairman of the Kuoshu Federation membership for Taichung City. He is a former Republic of China (Taiwan) National Kuoshu Team coach. He also has an herb and therapy clinic in Taichung.

Ker, Jien An.

Ker, Jien An is a retired businessman.

Liu, Jia Yo

Liu, Jia Yo is a retired school teacher.

Huang, Mung Yuan

Huang, Mung Yuan owns a store, which sells medical supplies and motorized wheelchairs.

Wei, Tai Ying

Wei, Tai Ying is a professor at the Shiou Ping Technical College College ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? in Taichung.

You, Chau Chiuan

You, Chau Chuan manufactures tools.

Shir, Chwen Chih

Shir, Chwen Chih has a kitchen equipment business.

Shih Jeng Chung

Shih, Jeng Chung has a martial art school in Tainan City. He was a Republic of China (Taiwan) National Kuoshu Team coach.

Not seen in the picture:

Lin, Yuan Long

Lin, Yuan Long presently owns an import-export business, along with a clothing store, specializing in knit wear.

At the party, but had to leave before the picture was taken:

Wang, Ah Mian

Wang, Ah Mian is our teacher, or Shi Fu ? ?, Wang, Jyue Jen’s wife. Therefore, she is our Shi Mu ? ?. She is still, and has always been a housewife.

Wang, Der Rong (Ida)

Wang, Der Rong is Wang, Jyue Jen’s daughter. In addition to being an accomplished martial artist in her own right, she owns an export shoe business.

Hsieh, Shin Geng

Hsieh, Shin Geng, although retired, has been an herbalist for over twenty years. He still owns an herb store, which specializes in herbs used for sports medicine.

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