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The Lei Sheng Wu Yuan Disciple List
as prepared by Senior Students and Disciples of
Wang Jyue Jen
February 4, 2009

This list was circulated at a dinner of Senior Classmates held on February 4, 2009, in Taichung, Taiwan. The form was an attempt to create an easy way for the undersigned to indicate whether they were disciples, or simply students of Wang Jyue Jen, and in which year they began to study at his Lei Sheng Wu Yuan.

The printed names in the left column comprise the entirety of a “Lei Sheng Wu Yuan Classmates Mailing List,” (as assembled by several Senior Classmates in Taiwan, so that these men could keep in touch.)

Everyone named on this list (whether they did, or did not attend the dinner) were early students of Wang, Jyue Jen. Information in red before a person’s name was supplied (in that person’s absence) by knowledgeable classmates. (On the original sheet, this information appears in “black.” The “red” in the translation has been added for purposes of clarification and accuracy.)

Name Year Started Training Student Disciple
1)Luo, Yi Gue (Fu Shing) 1948 x x
2)Luo, Dzu Long 1948 x x
3)Guo, Yi Ming 1950 x x
4)Lin, Chung Kuan 1951 (did not attend)
5)Lin, Chung Jien 1951 (did not attend)
6)Wu, Ming Jer 1952 x x
7)Lin, Wen Bao 1951 (did not attend)
8)Wang, Jieh Chung 1952 (did not attend)
9)Lin, Gao Yuen 1952 x x
10)Lin, Jer Er (did not attend)
11)Chen, Jin Jow (did not attend)
12)Hsieh, Shin Geng (did not attend)
13)Luo, Jen Chau 1956 x
14)Liu, Chun Lang 1954 x x
15)Ker, Jien An 1958 x
16)Huang, Tien Fu 1960 x
17)Chen, Chorng Chung 1960 x x
18)Lin, Yuan Long 1960 x
19)Lin, Yung Ji (did not attend)
20)Tsai, Chi Long 1959 x x
21)Liu, Jia Yo 1959 x
22)Cheng, Song Hsiun 1961 x
23)Huang, Mung Yuan 1964 x
24)Wang, Mu Hsui (did not attend)
25)Wu, Chiou Jong 1959 x
26)Huang, Guo Song (did not attend)
27)Wei, Tai Ying (did not attend)
28)Shih, Jeng Chung (did not attend)
29)Lin, Shih Kuang (Willy) 1957 x x
30)Huang, Nan Yiang (did not attend)
31)Lai, Zao Ming 1973
32)Lin, Hsiao Gi 1958 (did not attend)
33)Lai, Wu Hsiung 1958 (did not attend)

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